hz3ks tazn3 b99ei tf8tt yk59k 53efd 6r3y4 fb56r s7nsb 3ahzt 5f7yf fn7ny 9h935 476t3 iaz2s 3nt99 a4f8k ne3ht hh5f9 y96rs y3sfn Police in this tiny Alabama town suck drivers into legal ‘black hole’ |

Police in this tiny Alabama town suck drivers into legal ‘black hole’

2022.01.22 23:33 inde_ Police in this tiny Alabama town suck drivers into legal ‘black hole’

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2022.01.22 23:33 Takeastepb4ck Motion blur does not work

Motion blur does not work Hey! Im learning how to use After effects.
Yesterday, I was trying to add motion blur to a text changing his position. When I activate the motion blur, it doesnt work.
I readed some posts trying to fix my problem, but I couldn't fix it. I already checked the renderer (its in 3d classic, and the shutter angle is in 180) any solutions?
Im using a cracked after effects 2020 version, it can be this?

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2022.01.22 23:33 West_Ad_527 Hey, are you from Eric's sea? Because you're the only

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2022.01.22 23:33 panditji_reloaded MediaCrooks: BJP AntiHindu Parasitism

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2022.01.22 23:33 BustedKnuckles204 Ace Of Spades - A Tribute To Lemmy Kilmister (feat. Lee Chavez)

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2022.01.22 23:33 Ghi102 Pixel 3 XL only charging when port is inserted half way

My phone started having this weird issue recently. If I plug in the usb-c cable all the way (as I usually did), the phone would not charge. If I pull the usb-c connector ever so slightly out, it charges normally. I saw the same behaviour with all of my usual chargers.
I've already checked the phone for dirt/lint (it was actually cleaned out recently), so that doesn't seem to be the culprit. Any ideas why?
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2022.01.22 23:33 KeepItRiDGiD129 Announcement postponed.

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2022.01.22 23:33 Razer_RuinsFN ||REDACTED||

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2022.01.22 23:33 tall-king-head how long should u wait to shower after applying t gel?

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2022.01.22 23:33 Incel_King233 As a straight incel its interesting to see that gay incels have it

Gay men go for Chad's and women go for Chad's.Straight Incels hate Chad's because they get the top 5 percent of women.Gay Chad's get the top percentage of gay men leaving the normies the manlets out of it.
Atleast gay Ricecels have a market for them we straight Currycels and Ricecels are low tier and not desired by any women.I envy you guys because even if your low tier at least you can get sex through hookups,for us hahaha not a chance no way can't get a single match from a woman on tinder.
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2022.01.22 23:33 blue_eyes_white_guy I’m so tired of playing killer

I’m so close to my done point of playing killer. I used to love playing killer and even got to rank 5 once but now I can’t play 2 games without turning it off. Boons are broken and I go against 4 stacks with all of them having toolboxes. See ya guys when the new killer comes out…
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2022.01.22 23:33 blogs_bunny French adventurer, 75, attempting to row across the Atlantic found dead #France #Facebook #US #Africa #Images #2019 #Caribbean #overnight #Friday #French #Portugal #Atlantic #two #Thursday #thousands #Saturday #January #Wednesday #morning #Photograph #Portuguese #eighthours #Philippe #Frenchman

French adventurer, 75, attempting to row across the Atlantic found dead #France #Facebook #US #Africa #Images #2019 #Caribbean #overnight #Friday #French #Portugal #Atlantic #two #Thursday #thousands #Saturday #January #Wednesday #morning #Photograph #Portuguese #eighthours #Philippe #Frenchman submitted by blogs_bunny to blogsbunny [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 23:33 sun_demon What are the main issues with recording bands and artist for my YouTube channel?

I started a YouTube channel that focuses on local bands and musician performances. I want to future proof the channel to prevent strikes and takedowns.
Here are my crap questions:
Can contracts be made through text and phone conversations? I'm from California.
We currently aren't charging and we're not paying at the moment. Should we pay for the performances in order to prevent takedowns or other issues?
As of now, everyone recorded has agreed to perform for the chance of having the video and audio mixed and put on my channel. Could that backfire on the future?
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2022.01.22 23:33 Commercial_Ball_4388 What advice would you give to a 17 year old with no future?

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2022.01.22 23:33 NOTASHTON00 What lava geyser/thing that spits out lava is closest to the drop pod

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2022.01.22 23:33 Inside-Board-6783 Para los que venden su only

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2022.01.22 23:33 Black_Truth Tips against Irelia and other high DPS characters in lane?

Champions like Irelia, Yasuo and Yone, for that matter.
If they know the ins and outs of their champion, the lane looks unwinnable by the constand healing of their lifesteal from sustain.
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2022.01.22 23:33 capolot89 Dumb question: how do you actually take out your profits?

More specifically, what’s the best way to do it to minimize fees? I’m thinking about getting either a strong node or Thor node. Thor is much cheaper though for roughly the same profit.
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2022.01.22 23:33 NewsCryptocurrency Kosovo Says “No” to Crypto Mining, Follows in China’s Footsteps

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2022.01.22 23:33 DarkSide1631 What annoys you the most?

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2022.01.22 23:33 barkbarkgoesthecat Call of Duty 3 MP still active?

Ok so I've been wanting to play cod 3 for a while. I rebought it on xbox a while ago and tried but every time i do the search for lobby it gives me the same name like its glitched. Does anyone know if theres still active lobbies on this game? Or if not if anyone wants to make one let me know! Haha thanks guys
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2022.01.22 23:33 Huddledhealer New Player Looking for Mining/Indust Corp

I’m a new player, played for a month 6 months ago, looking for a corp to pick back up the game and learn with. My interests are mainly mining and industry but I’m down to learn other stuff too. I can only play on weekends due to work so I know that’s inconvenient.
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2022.01.22 23:33 Manga_Nerd_Layla Recommend manga?

I love romance I tried reading other genres but it’s not peeking my interest much I love manga like Kamisama kiss, wotakoi, and sweat and soap. Also I’m 20 so I’d prefer more adult workplace romance instead of high school! Thanks everybody!
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2022.01.22 23:33 Midwestolivia What is the best advice YOU could give to other people?

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2022.01.22 23:33 jaspeckofdustwtg So Yeon's Instagram update!

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