Am I overreacting?

2021.12.07 22:46 sadhoebitch Am I overreacting?

So in the past week, I hooked up with this guy twice and things seemed to be going well, then he wasn’t answering my texts/seemed like he was ghosting me and I got upset because I didn’t know why.
He texted me today asking if i was on my period both times we had sex, so I responded saying “no I wasn’t…did I bleed? I didn’t notice I’m sorry” and he replied “there’s no way you didn’t notice, it was all over me and my sheets.” I checked the second time to see if the sheets were wet after he went to take a shower, I figured maybe I bled a little and he just wanted to be clean, and when I went home and peed I was bleeding a little, but didn’t get my period until days after. I said “I really didn’t know, it wasn’t on me when I got home, I wouldn’t have had sex with you if I had my period” and he said “so strange 🤔”
It’s annoying because he waited days to say something and if I didn’t reach out to him he probably would’ve ghosted me completely. Part of me wants to respond, because I want to have sex again, but the more mature part is saying fuck him don’t respond, that was so disrespectful. Am I overreacting or was his comment uncalled for?
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2021.12.07 22:46 Dependent-Tea2368 Drag Tune

Looking for drag tune for bmw isetta? S1 OR S2 is fine
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2021.12.07 22:46 ScienceSure Noam Chomsky gets a bit if a shitlib reputation with some of the younger "cooler" crowd these days for "vote blue no matter who" and a few other takes, but i think his influence on what passes for the American left has been bigger than any other single person I can think of.

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2021.12.07 22:46 ZoolShop Ubisoft Launches NFTs In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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2021.12.07 22:46 Useful_Support2193 Bringing my dog with me to med school

So I just got accepted into med school (!!!), and I am bringing my 1 year old dog with me. I’ve read multiple posts on here about how bad of an idea it is to care for a dog while in med school. But I genuinely love my dog & cannot imagine being without him. Any tips from people who’s had a dog in med school?
FYI: he’s already house and crate trained.
Any advice or tips would be helpful! Thanks:)
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2021.12.07 22:46 meatfrappe Flag of Cyprus but American

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2021.12.07 22:46 altanonacc123 How do I get over someone I never had a chance with? It's been 7 years

Sorry for the long post but here's my story: Back when I first started high school I was bullied by a lot of people and was secretly questioning my sexuality, and unfortunately took out my frustration on a guy who I didn't realize at the time I liked. I was 13 and he was 12 but we were both in the same year.
I moved to a new part of the UK by the start of my second year of high school but I had apologized and made friends with the guy by the end of my first year in HS and we had each other on Facebook and Instagram. We didn't keep in touch but I'd occasionally see his posts on my feed and I'd get butterflies because I had a crush on him but never took it that far as he wasn't openly gay at the time (I wasn't either). As time went on I had tried my best to get over him and I would for a few days then something would happen like me dreaming about him and waking up sad or seeing him on Facebook. I know I don't have a chance with him and this has been eating me up for 7 years and I never told anyone.
Last year I went back to my hometown for a month and upon opening Grindr I saw him to my surprise. I sent him a message and we chatted for half an hour then he ghosted me, not that he showed much interest in the first place. I don't want to date him or like him much romantically but I just can't seem to let him go, I'm 20 now and just want to let go of the last 7 years because I don't want to keep feeling this way about him. What can I do?
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2021.12.07 22:46 wewedf For the marauder build do you need to stack cdr as much as possible?

since you don't have dawn vengeance will have a big cooldown but on maxroll they say you only need to stack cdr until 37% i think it's a mistake right
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2021.12.07 22:46 Kurbyn Sadness

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2021.12.07 22:46 AvgWeirdo I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. - Isoroku Yamamoto

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2021.12.07 22:46 Texas_4R Biden Warns Russia That If They Invade Ukraine, America Will Evacuate Haphazardly And Leave $86 Billion In Weapons Behind

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2021.12.07 22:46 rainbow6ixcrypto BIG PRICE FALL ON CRYPTO MARKET!! Let’s find out the reason behind it...

BIG PRICE FALL ON CRYPTO MARKET!! Let’s find out the reason behind it... Rainbow Bitcoin Weekly 21.12.06
Last Saturday, the cryptocurrency market experienced another plunge from the lowest near $57,000 to
$42,000. The intensity of the callback is strong, and the reasons behind the plunge may be multiple
factors such as the expectation of interest rate hikes (a massive increase on the short-term interest
rate), pessimistic expectations of stagflation, etc. In addition, the continuous spread of new variants of
the new coronavirus in South Africa is certainly another one of the risk factors. As a result, risk assets
are currently undergoing a substantial callback. It is recommended to carefully control the risks. After
Bitcoin’s massive falling on price, there is a wave of less powerful rebounds. However, the overall
downward trend here has not ended regardless of the call-back strength. Adding or holding more
positions is still risky. Bitcoin is still in a turbulent trend at present, and the small-level tokens shall
select the turbulence direction in the last two days. At present, the short-term rise is not likely
happening. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully control the investing positions and try to avoid
investing in full positions.

What’s happening last week:

  • SBI, a financial magnet, is planning to release the first crypto asset funding in Japan.

  • Krafton, a Korean game developing company, has invested 5 billion Korean dollars (approximately $4,234,420.50)in NaverZ as they are moving forward to Metaverse development.

  • Google trends: The word “Web3.0”’s search volume has grown substantially in the USA.

  • The Indian Government is expecting to add cryptocurrencies into the tax law.

  • European Central Bank governor: “Bitcoin is a highly speculative asset.

The recap of the additional data analysis for last week is down below.

Number of on-chain Bitcoin Transactions
The number of on-chain Bitcoin transactions has slightly grown compared too the
week before. Last week’s number of transactions has reached 313 thousand which
is the highest among the recent three months. The lowest number of transactions
last week has reached 223 thousand. The overall trend is still rapidly growing
upwards. The number of transactions has been slowly increasing since February

The number of on-chain Bitcoin transactions symbolizes the core value
and is also being an important supporting factor of Bitcoin market
price. Currently, the Number of On-chain Bitcoin transactions is showing
rapid growth in the short term.

Hash rate of Bitcoin
The average hash rate of Bitcoin has significantly grown approximately 37 Ehash/s comparing the
lowest before. The highest has reached 182.13 Ehash/s while the lowest has reached 145.5 Ehash/s.

The value of the Bitcoin hash rate among the whole network has been doubled since the low point in
June this year. Hash rate is considered as the basis of Bitcoin since it directly affects the market price of
Bitcoin. It is fair to say that the hash rate is the core stone of Bitcoin’s long-term value.

Bitcoin Supply on Exchange Wallet
Last week’s reserved amount of Bitcoin upon each mainstream exchange has been increased to a total
of 1.307082 million BTC which is nearly 15,000 BTC more compared to the week before. It appears to
be a relatively high level of increase recently and it has given decent pressure of selling off. The BTC
supply of exchange wallets has nearly maintained at the level of 6.2% which has rarely shown any

The supply of Bitcoin among exchange wallets is a vital index to monitor the trajectory of Bitcoin’s
market price. The net inflow foreshadows the large pressure of selling off their Bitcoin while the net
outflow indicates that the investors are more likely to hold their Bitcoin.

The open interest of the grayscale trust

Diagram 1: Grayscale Trust Open Interest

Diagram 2: BTC-Grayscale Trust OTC Premium Rate
The Grayscale BTC trust has continually underweighted 249 Bitcoins which results in underweighting
990 Bitcoins in the past 7 days. The underweight rate remains steady. The Grayscale BTC trust has
remained outflowing since March 3rd.On December 4, the Grayscale BTC trust open interest is 645,801
and the GBTC premium index is -18.80%.

USDT Premium Rate
The USDT premium rate on December 4 is 1.00130766. Comparing the week before, this is a
significant increase within the decent level. This is a fair call-back considering the dropping shown in
the diagram and last week’s market condition.

The USDT premium index is the ratio of USDT/USD, and it reflects the volume of fund which enters the

Fear & Greed Index
Last week’s fear & greed index is highly affected by the market condition which massively dropped to
16 as the lowest. It is the lowest in the recent two months. Such a low index indicates that the
investors are extremely upset about the market. It is recommended to add positions rationally but
please manage the investments carefully and stay focused on risk control.

Fear & Greed Index, also known as VIX (Volatility Index). It is originally a stock market index containing
many factors such as market volatility, market trading volume, social media heat, and Google
buzzwords analysis. The threshold of this index is 0 to 100. The lower index indicates the investors are
more likely to sell while the higher index indicates the investors are more likely to hold. Fear & Greed
index can be used to predict the potential risk for helping to make investment decisions. An extremely
low fear & greed index could bring potential opportunities for buying while an extremely high fear &
greed index could bring massive change to the market.

Google Search Trend

Processing img ufxyisgh48481...
The global search volume of the word “Bitcoin” has remained nearly the same level as the week
before. The search volume is 76 which is a medium-high level.

This article is NOT in any form an investment recommendation, please research carefully before you
make any investment decisions. The price of bitcoin is $49,000 while this article is being written.


Join R6!
Email: [](
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2021.12.07 22:46 ArousedMidichlorian  

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2021.12.07 22:46 PapLEDIlIC Carolina Panthers The Beatles Abbey Road Walk

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2021.12.07 22:46 ghost123875 Any offers ???

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2021.12.07 22:46 joon20 [WTS] 1988 Tudor Prince Oysterdate 74000N Linen Dial

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2021.12.07 22:46 rebelscum4u Just a theory

I have theory that if a starseed commits suicide they recreate immediately to live out there contract. One must live a whole life in order move on to the next thing. I am not sure about the wanderers though, im still working on it.
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2021.12.07 22:46 benh999 Australia joins Beijing Winter Olympics diplomatic boycott over China’s human rights abuses

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2021.12.07 22:46 awesomeSC I've seen these puzzles around, and I have a knack for puzzles

Some puzzles ;)
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2021.12.07 22:46 wearinggreyshorts First Timer

I would like to go to a nearby temple and I have never been to one before. I have only been to Catholic Church. I want to seriously give Buddhism a try, so is there anything I should know before hand?
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2021.12.07 22:46 pesochrisss am i trusted?

trying to prove im not a scammer lol
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2021.12.07 22:46 Delta-and-some-Honey Do I have an unhealthy relationship with my pets?

So let me put into perspective my experience today. I was playing video games while my pet bearded dragon was enjoying the outside, eventually I decided time was up and went to bring her back in. But once I picked her up I noticed there was blood on me and her, she lost a claw which is actually quite common, which caused her to bleed quite a bit. Although I’d seen her lose a few nails before and she was not in any pain , I began having a panic attack, and the sight of her blood on my hands terrified me (I’m looking to be a nurse in the future and have never had any problems with blood). And this is not the first time I have had panic attacks over her health and safety. She is more important to me than almost anything else. And I fear it’s become unhealthy in a way. What is your opinion on this?
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2021.12.07 22:46 demilasdecker I just need to vent for a second 💔

I've been a megafan of Jessie for a few years now. I still love her voice (this is my opinion, even though based on her last Opry performance it is somewhat damaged) and what drew me in initially is her approachability and marketability to us girls. As an Australian, my experiences of Jessie have only consisted of admiring her music/shows/books/clothes from literally afar. I've never met her or seen her live and have lived vicariously through other's social media posts, testimonials etc. I still wish she'd come play CMC Tamworth Country Music Festival or something but there's not much hope. Her music is what drew me in and I've noticed her heart (or at the very least her crappy management and marketing teams) are not invested in it anymore. Reading this Reddit page though, I am heartbroken. Hearing so many girl's accounts of what she's like in real life, the way in which she views and operates her career and business life, her reputation around Nashville and just how she treats her fans overall. It's times like these where I really wish I could have my dream of seeing her live and meeting her, just so I could make that decision of whether or not she's horrible for myself. But I also don't want to discredit any of your experiences and valid opinions, and thus keep supporting and funding this potentially awful, phony woman. I was treated HORRIBLY by girls in high school, and am a trained singer, so Jessie's story of overcoming trauma from bullying and getting a record deal/s really still to this day inspires me. I feel absolutely heartbroken, cheated and betrayed if it truly is the case that she played the world and exploited us girls all this time. Hundreds of dollars I spent on Kittenish clothes that always cost 35% more in my currency, curling wands, sunglasses, hours in my bedroom trying to hit note after note, learning phrases and lyrics. I know some of her recipes off by heart! Fans who transitioned over to this group, what experience or revelation helped solidify your newfound desire to not support her anymore? Am I crazy for thinking this way? Is it unfair to stop being a fan when all I can go by is watching Jessie's actions and projects virtually? I do read this group and agree with some points. However one of the first posts this group made was someone screenshotting a tweet I made, and it WAS hurtful. But looking back on how it read, I'm now aware that the hate towards her isn't just theories. Is anyone still following her but reads this page?
Thankyou for reading if anyone did 💗 xx
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2021.12.07 22:46 HardWorking4Pennys Need some Mint flavored flower and vape carts ideals for Xmas:)

So I got someone on my list who wants a mint flavor flower and vape. What's your recommendation? Flower 1G-7G Vape 510
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2021.12.07 22:46 spencergha Where my survivors @?

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