2021.10.16 04:23 American_Fascist713 Sasha

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2021.10.16 04:23 Chasemc215 Recently acquired a copy of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Don't mind the market writing, it was a used copy.

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2021.10.16 04:23 dcjogger I refused to lie under oath for the state of Arizona, and the courts aren't on my side

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2021.10.16 04:23 vonroyale "I took a wrong turn at Tool St and Toy Ave and now I'm lost in the quadrant of lights, and none of the signs make any sense!" 🤣

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2021.10.16 04:23 JLloyd513 Wallpaper

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2021.10.16 04:23 Thenightowlnurse14 They’re called exes for a reason *long read alert*

So I (36F) was in relationship with my now ex boyfriend (41M)for 18 months and my ex best friend (41F) in our friendship for better part of 4 years. That girl, whom I will refer to as N, went through thick and thin, she started watching my kids while I was working 12 hour night shifts, we bonded on a level that most people couldn’t even fathom. I was there for her and vice a versa. I picked up her broken soul and held her close after her being subjected to abuse by her now estranged HUSBAND (remember this detail, it matters later I promise. ) However, she was there for when I first started talking to my ex Boyfriend, whom we will refer to as C, as a freshly divorced guy and me being a year post divorcee. She listened to us both gush about one another and expressed our fears about relationships to, no biggie no red flags there, then, N starts talking less and less to me, of course I get we’re all adults, life and family happen, right? So C and I continue to journey through our relationship and generally feel like we’re one another’s breath of fresh air and the L word gets drops the summer of ‘20 , but it felt so natural and right (did to me anyway, and he claimed it was similar for him). Then, fall of ‘20 comes and goes, finally hearing from N after not much interaction all summer, I’m like hell yeah I got my friend back! If I wasn’t spending time with her I was with C, they were my small world outside my responsibility as a parent and medical professional. So that’s when we started hanging out here and there, her and her (now estranged) husband & me and C. Holidays came around and love deepened for C and me, at this point in our relationship (9 months deep) we’d introduced one another to our respective kids and I had met a good portion of his family. Things were great in our world….then 2021 starts off with a bang, he and I learn how N had been put into a wall, gaslit, etc and we basically surrounded her as her friends, giving her love the best we could. So from that point, we pretty much were the 3 musketeers, we didn’t always do things together, but we definitely made an effort to include N as much as possible. Winter gave way to spring here in the Carolinas, C and I celebrated our year anniversary with many smiles, love and the way it sounded to me, the brightness of a future together on the horizon. It was also the start of a series of changes that would slowly eeek its way through the foundations of which I’d built with both of them independently. First time in a while, I got drunk at my surprise birthday party, and noticed that N &C were drinking way more than I’d ever seen them do in the past, and that there was a bit of enabling since I myself typically do not drink. This became a recurring issue over the spring and summer of 2021, C also became very defensive and accusatory when I brought up my concerns about said drinking habits. To go into more detail, I’d get a little tipsy and excuse myself to go lay down in his bed, while he and N would stay up until sometimes dawn, chain smoking and drinking, which made the whole FOMO thing very real in my eyes. I always got pooh poohed when I attempted to make light of my concern for the habits, and eventually when I needed one or both of them to do something for me in return, I was crazy and unreasonable. Fighting between C and me got more and more nuclear, two instances of me getting pushed up against a wall, pinned there, only to be screamed at by him asking me why I was so much like his ex wife or that i was being crazy for certain assumptions I’d voiced to the both of them. I started to question my sanity, also losing bits of myself in the process. July into August 21 rolls around and C has to go on a business trip to the Deep South. So me and N hang out a ton, she comes to me with this “great idea” of all 3 of us being together, making light of how we all get along so well, how it felt so natural, chemistry laden and blah blah blah…as flattering as it was, I firmly said no. She initially was taken aback when I had told her no, and then it evolved into a whiny gripe but I stood my ground regardless. Told C about it when he got home from his trip and he was trying to nit pick everything (which he always did, says he doesn’t have anxiety but is the absolute worst, most paranoid mfer I’ve ever met)so again I felt like I had made a hasty decision, yet the answer was still a no.
Later that week I had done some journaling and sat them both down as to why I’d said no and my fears were put on display. I left early that night since I had to work in the morning. Come to find out how late they were up drinking again together from his teenage son and this was after I had talked with them both in regards to my unease with the level of friendship they were forming and my unwillingness to change my mind on the triad issue
The following night I had been hanging out with N again and got a phone call from a random number, come to find out it was the ex C had a lingering jealousy about and I was actually angry he didn’t respect my desire for him to leave me alone. Call was short and innocent. N was there for every second of the maybe 3 minute I spent on the phone. I looked at her and said “ I have no idea what to do or how to tell C about this. As far as he and I knew, dude was blocked. “ She shrugged her shoulders and said she didn’t have an answer for me but that I DID need to say something.
I wanted to, I really did, but a week passed and all of us were at the beach for Labor Day weekend, and in a drunken stupor, texted said dude one thing “ am I fucked up?” to which he replied to with “ are you ok?” But I never read it in my texts nor replied.
Well C found out that he’d called me the one time and I’d texted him, we got in a gargantuan fight after I had complained on the ride back that C had been such a douche to me most of the weekend for no reason in my mind. We didn’t break up then, but this set off me begging N to help fix things since he was adamant about limiting contact with me and was just overly pissed. Over the course of about 7 days she had said oh do this, don’t say this, everything is going to be alright he needs time…Monday after the whole fall out incident I started getting sick, like nausea, headache, muscle cramps, fever and general malaise…I tell N all this and she’s not really responding much to me, so I directly ask, are you and C hanging out?
She finally replied to me saying yeah they went out to dinner as friends to talk, would be out late n stuff. I wasn’t exactly coherent enough to care, slipping in and out of fever dreams…then as I realized I couldn’t fall back to sleep, I kept texting them, radio silence…so I made the short little walk to his house and I see her golf cart in his driveway at 130 in the morning. My blood is boiling and I go bang on his interior garage door, nothing, go to the front door, two quick rings on the door bell and a solid cop knock…as I return to the garage C comes barreling out calling me psycho and asking me wtf I was doing there at this time, of course I point to N who had graced us with her presence moments after his crescendo and quieted him as if he owed her that, me saying “ I could ask you the same fucking thing why she’s here at this hour, got an answer for that?” I get talked in circles, yelled at, told to gtfoh or go home, and I left feeling like something wasn’t right. I degraded into my illness over the week, resulting in being admitted to the hospital come Friday morning. I recover. Another week passes and C throws a house party, of course we all proceed to get pretty hammered but this weekend N had flown in family to spend the weekend with us and she apparently got so mad that I “ stole her cousin from her, ruined her weekend “ that she laid in a grudge against me that night…I do as I typically do and excuse myself to his bed to pass out. I wake up about 5 hours later and find myself alone….immediately knowing where C & N are, I get a lift to her house, sure enough his and hers golf carts are parked all shitty in the driveway. Garage door is wide open and the interior door is unlocked, storm in and go up to her room, of which, it’s locked. She never locked her bedroom door….I ferociously kick the door and it’s opened moments later by him, still drunk beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed, cussing me out and then consciously shoulder checks me as he makes his way past me out of the door. My hands are hurting from balling them up so tightly as I see her laying in her bed, almost completely asleep. I asked her one thing…”Did you fuck him?”
N: “ oh hell yeah I did, you pissed me off bitch. “ she replied smugly, like she was proud of what she’d done
Me: “good to know, you’re fucking dead to me whore.” I spat out as I ripped the blanket off her and tossed it to the other wall
And I left out of that house as soon as I could see straight from the blinding rage and hot tears, I called his mother, his close family and mutual friends, told them all about what had just happened.
I spent the next two weeks fighting ideation after ideation, breaking down over the smallest things, all the while they were texting me vile things and spewed vitriol to absolve their own guilt…
From that first day of my illness(September 6th) until present day of 15 October, I have lost 32 lbs, I no longer have a social life and live right between the two of them, I have suffered from their actions so much and came so close to paying the ferrymans toll…
In the end I have realized what I lost, time. Trust. Invested emotion. They have lost so much more and karma just keeps coming in spades…you are always greater than the sum of your parts. Never forget how important you are in lieu of someone else….
Thanks y’all, had to get that out, if you stuck it out for the long haul, bravo mon ami .
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2021.10.16 04:23 Ok_Jacket_4045 DJ Amelia Manika | IG: djameliamanika_

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2021.10.16 04:23 johnmichaelbernard95 Blood work 3 months after sarms + pct

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2021.10.16 04:23 LMF13 LF: Sabelye 5-6 IV in apriball

LF: Sabelye 5-6 IV in apriball
FT: Galarian Darumaka Heavy Ball, Sandile Moon Ball, Feebas Lure Ball, Porygon Dream Ball, Ralts Dive Ball, Swinub Moon Ball, Gible Beast Ball, Bulbasaur Friend Ball also mints, apriballs, bottle caps, ability capsules
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2021.10.16 04:23 cake_is_yummy Trading my NR dodo (almost sunshine) for neon phoenix (any potion)

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2021.10.16 04:23 Pusher_416 Has any Receive this from Binance? After they Seize your account

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2021.10.16 04:23 lunara56 25/PC/NA Eastern time/ Lf some gaming friendos

Ayooo :D
I hope everyone is having a great week/weekend. I am looking for some more people to game, or just chat with throughout the day. I find that I add people and we never play so I wanted to post again, it's probably because the timing is so off :) I like to consider myself as someone who is positive, I can be kind of shy at first but like to joke and tease when I get closer. I don't mind dark humor but just be respectful!
Interests: Anime, Pokemon, nature and animals, I can't think of anything else D:
Games I own: I recently got the game pass, I want to get into Back 4 Blood or Deep Rock Galactic basically I'll play whatever is available on it, The Forest, Stardew Valley, Overwatch, Dead by Daylight
I tried to get into valorant and warzone but they're not my thing. I quit playing Apex because I played it since preseason.
Dm me your discords/any information about yourself
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2021.10.16 04:23 Tychon____ I think im a cracked freddy main

GUYS! ive been using freddy with noed and have been wining all my matches im getting super good with freddy but his power is super hard to learn im already rank 1!!!!!! I bet i could beat otz but they really need to nerf smashhit everytime someone has it i lose!!!!! but i do rlly good in the endgame i love noed
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2021.10.16 04:23 mannatee New to the show, quick question about Jonathan LaPaglia's powers as host (minor spoilers)

I'm watching season 4 and in episode 2 after the champions win immunity, he said "now get back to your camps before I change my mind and take immunity back".
My question is,
Can he do that?
If so I feel that changes a lot. No spoilers please.
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2021.10.16 04:23 ImportantBowler5917 Watch4watch view4view like4like
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2021.10.16 04:23 fat_boi312 #source:-emkay | Tumblr

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2021.10.16 04:23 ZoobBot 179791

This is the 179791st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.16 04:23 wanttojoinairforce Low Ki Gimmick Idea

I'm not a big wrestling fan, but I've been hearing this song a lot in stores and think it's a good idea for a face gimmick for Low Ki
the song is "Sing to You" by John Splithoff, the gimmick would be a smiling face Low Ki, he would use this song as his entrance theme and the crowd would sing the "keep it low key" part loudly and he would get over and improve his reputation so he could go to wwe or aew
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2021.10.16 04:23 Few-Neighborhood2606 Full help how to set node (very important). Now we have only 1848 nodes online.

  1. Open and scroll to Dogecoin Core. Now there are versions for Windows (32 or 64 bit), Linux and Macos
2.After downloading Dogecoin core, install it and wait for the complete blockchain sync.
3.After sync,open Dogecoin core, click the "Settings" menu > select "Options" > click the "Network" tab > Check "Map port using UPnP" >
"Settings" menu > select "Options" > click "Network" > "Allow incoming connections" >
OK, then restart the wallet and leave it running.
The node does not consume the power of the computer, it only needs an Internet connection to work
Your node will only be active when the Dogecoin core is enabled. Therefore, we need more nodes, not all of the nodes are online all the time
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2021.10.16 04:23 MrCashAlot Man i knew uiagaleilei was terrible but

I thought this was the game they cover
Boy was i wrong flat footed no movement in the pocket its hard to believe he was ever a 5 star recruit this kid sucks hopefully my other picks hit clemson is hard to watch. I feel for that defense stop after stop no pts stalled drives eventually they get tired and give up a big play.

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2021.10.16 04:23 rxp1320marketing 🎙Over the last 3 years, saving $50 per week in BITCOIN turned $7,850 into $59,929🎙. Start now with this FREE $10 in BITCOIN courtesy of SWAN; a Bitcoin-only platform committed to supplying the lowest fees when purchasing Bitcoin (“up to 80% lower than Coinbase”). 🦢Your $10 Link is Below🦢

🎙Over the last 3 years, saving $50 per week in BITCOIN turned $7,850 into $59,929🎙. Start now with this FREE $10 in BITCOIN courtesy of SWAN; a Bitcoin-only platform committed to supplying the lowest fees when purchasing Bitcoin (“up to 80% lower than Coinbase”). 🦢Your $10 Link is Below🦢 submitted by rxp1320marketing to referralcodes [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 04:23 neonsamosas found on bed, brown bug with spots

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2021.10.16 04:23 Trick_Weekend My girl Sheba. She passed away in June and I still miss her SM

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2021.10.16 04:23 samsaki Reviewing Flea Market Crap Vol. 3

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2021.10.16 04:23 trizest Feels like big USD inflows coming from somewhere to buy BTC, anyone have evidence?

As the subject suggests this most recent run-up doesn't feel like retail buying to me.
There are probably a few explanations, but one guess is that money is coming from investment banks, central banks and hedge funds.
Maybe in anticipation of some strong news from the US regulatory environment, or just the time of year. As always, hard to know.
In the past, I've seen companies like Glassnode come out with public research on this, showing money flows in certain directions supporting a strong hypothesis.
I was just wondering if anyone happens to have similar theories and any evidence to back this up.
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