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How does anyone take this man seriously???

And yet, all anyone wants to talk about these days are six Bible verses that “condemn homosexuality.” Here’s the thing — they don’t. And we need to accept that so we can get back to the ... Seriously, Why Does Anyone Want to Go to Space? By Danielle Cohen. Photo: Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images. Do you like camping? Yes? Would you like to go camping, but without gravity or hot food? This is how the civilians currently in space have described their expected experience for the three days they orbit around Earth. Bezos is on cover of RSS-linked weekly. He must take note of magazine’s disapproval seriously First Bezos’s partner ends up on the wrong magazine cover. Then he does. It’s enough to turn Amazon’s India headache into a throbbing migraine. The reason to take the Indian publication’s disapproval seriously is that Panchjanya, “the sound of righteousness,” isn’t any other magazine. Founded by one of the leading figures of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or the RSS, it’s widely believed to be a mouthpiece of the Hindu cultural organization that stands behind Prime Minister ... After 20 years of war and violence under four different presidents — and the deaths of more than 172,000 people — the United States withdrew its last troops from Afghanistan on Monday. We take your IP seriously. Kinon Surface Design. Protecting the Rights of Authors, Composers and Inventors is our Constitutional Obligation. Our clients help promote the progress of science and useful arts, and we protect their exclusive rights to their writings and discoveries. Why? Please take this virus seriously, get vaccinated and wear a mask.” BTW, she is still an attention whore but she never told anyone they should get vaxxed. She posted a link to this thread's dailymail article saying they flat out made that up. this is beyond embarrassing. tolerance doesn’t mean tolerating bullshit snake oil when people are dying every godsdamned day because they’re overdosing on fucking snake oil! facts matter, science matters. the truth matters. we’ve seen the evidence every day since 2016, but especially in the last 18 months. tolerance of willful, prideful ignorance is begging for a fate even worse than we ... Taking things very seriously can be a great quality, showing that you are earnest, caring, and hardworking. But, taking things too seriously can cause unnecessary stress and worry over things that aren't worth the effort. By learning about why we tend to take life too seriously and how to spread some humor and lightness into life, you can stop being so serious and spend more time enjoying life. This usually takes a leader or group of people who are able to inspire change, whether that’s good or bad. For example, Hitler no doubt spurred a social change, as did Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, with technology and social media, nearly anyone can start a movement, and it has helped create changes that much quicker. 6. Political Processes

2021.10.16 03:46 all_of_the_cheese How does anyone take this man seriously???

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2021.10.16 03:46 ObviousInterests The Governing Body Announces That Some In-Person Meetings Will Resume in Select Areas

Interesting post added to the their website today about piloting some Kingdom Halls reopening. My wife and I think they will mostly be using halls that have a high number of bethelites attending the hall.
Will be interesting how they will handle the general public and if they will ask if those entering are vaccinated or not.
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2021.10.16 03:46 2_Blue Before becoming the voice of Myrtle, Krusty the Clown's crack-whore, nymphomaniac girlfriend on The Simpsons, Amy Schumer admits to once thinking of becoming a female comedian but could never figure out how . . .

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2021.10.16 03:46 landsquid2787 why do we hate the glare?

I like the glare and the whole f3 thing doesn't apply for the players on bedrock and he just looks cute, more so than a nice vex and a random number generator. I personally like all the options but not the copper golem that box feels like it's pointless and over-apreciated
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2021.10.16 03:46 Adib_Kabir What are the colleges should I apply with 1390 sat score?

In this October sat, I got 770 in math and 620 in English. Though I was in 97 th percentile but my score 1390 is not good enough to compete for good colleges. Can someone please tell me about some college where I should apply with this sat score considering that rest of the parts of my application are decent enough including that optional interview? I am in fact an international student belonging from low income family. I can't study in usa without full ride scholarship. I heard from hearsays that for low tier or mid colleges like kenyon, although I satisfy their sat requirements upto 75 percentile scores or at least 50 percentile score, that score will not be enough to grant me for a full ride scholarship. So, what should I do? Which colleges should I apply and submit this score? Should I apply in optional sat policy for colleges to get a full ride scholarship? ( I know that the scholarship or financial aid part does not belong to sat scores most of the time in case of need based aid but my question is- for most colleges the amount of full ride scholarship is lower, in such circumstances, only a few students get that. So, if I apply with this score and email AO for a rare full ride scholarship, are my chances are less likely than the case when I would have applied without sat considering the other parts of my profile is quite decent?)
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2021.10.16 03:46 ZoolShop Britney Spears says she wishes she 'lived in another country': 'I'm disgusted with the system'

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2021.10.16 03:46 bombad_jedi_501 Anyone else pick up a spinning dual Shohei bobble?

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2021.10.16 03:46 brighthanabi123 Why C9 is the best NA team at worlds

First off, C9 lost to 100T 3-1, BUT in the first two games C9 were very ahead and lost team fights due to Aphelios scaling only, and went to win the third game so it should've been an easy 3-0. Also TL lost to 100T 3-0 so they are below C9 as well.
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2021.10.16 03:46 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - More than 90 snakes found under Northern California home | Toronto Star

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2021.10.16 03:46 MidnightsPistol Has anybody adopted an adult pup while raising a new puppy?

Curious if this is an awful idea or not. We have an 11 wk old female pittie mix (rescued her at 8 wks), and we've planned on adding a 3-5 yr old lab/golden/jindo rescue after a year or two.
We'll probably still just follow that plan, as a puppy is a ton of work (and all the socialization and training classes aren't cheap), but I can't help looking at my favorite retriever rescues still and find myself wondering if adding to the pack now is not a terrible idea. Our pup loves other dogs right now, and is doing great in socialization classes, but I know there are still a lot of developmental stages to go.
Hard to find anything online about adding an older dog when you have a puppy (it's all about adding a puppy to the fam of a mature dog), so I'm curious if anyone has their own experience (good, bad, or otherwise) to share.
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2021.10.16 03:46 swan001 Hope they learned their lessson

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2021.10.16 03:46 Middle_Captain Tensor decompositions in Julia?

Hi, I would like some package recommendations for working with tensors.
I would like to be able to do the following: 1. Tucker, CP and tensor train decompositions 2. n-mode products 3. Read actual data into a tensor data structure.
I realize i can do 2. with mapslices() and multi-dimensional arrays. I was hopping there was a modern unified framework for working with tensors and their decompositions.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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2021.10.16 03:46 Norpeeeee I gain strength on higher reps and higher sets

I’m not a spring chicken anymore, I’m 45 yo, 230lbs, 6ft6in, have a 40 in gut and wear 36 in inseam pants. i can’t really progress using Rips method. The weight feels like it will be too heavy, and if I do manage to squat and lift as prescribed, I feel like crap afterwards.
But if I take a lighter weight and squat for 8+ reps, I feel better afterwards.
am I doing this wrong? Or are our bodies just built differently?
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2021.10.16 03:46 UbaldoSoddu i dont know

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2021.10.16 03:46 jessica_from_within Why does this happen every time? Lowest rated player is still there to screw me over when I get my guaranteed player

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2021.10.16 03:46 revolutionizer019 Can we use "in" keyword anywhere else than the loop in Dart?

I'm so confused in the usage of "in" keyword, I don't know how to use it anywhere else than the loop, It's so surprising that why I cant use it in conditional statements like :- int a = 6 ; List b = [71, -1, 0, 6] ; if (a in b){}
I have started my journey as a self-taught developer recently, Any help would be appreciable !
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2021.10.16 03:46 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Catholic Division applying for relocatable classrooms | Toronto Star

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2021.10.16 03:46 f_urbee Moobaru for halloween

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2021.10.16 03:46 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Sask Rivers reminds everyone about School Bus Driver Appreciation Day | Toronto Star

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2021.10.16 03:46 4guacate Cuídese

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2021.10.16 03:46 Mr_MV An option to snooze a post/comment

I would love to have an option to snooze a post and get a notification to continue reading that post later. Sometimes, when I am reading through an interesting discussion and I get something important to do I need to save the post for later. But, it would be awesome to snooze the post or a comment to read it later.
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2021.10.16 03:46 TYLERLIKESTACOS First mini after buying a few at the start of covid

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2021.10.16 03:46 Christianboi289 How come i feel weaker whenever i hear see or experience sin

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2021.10.16 03:46 MadeAccount4This1 my birthday was tuesday and my two friends forgot

my two oldest and closest friends both forgot my birthday and i want to tell someone but i don't have anyone else
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2021.10.16 03:46 Resty_Johh_Fullo LOOKING LOOKING LOOKING AXIE SCHOLARSHIP🙄😟🥺🥺🥺🥺

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